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"April Fool's 2011": visual notes & quotes, xtra-normal-format


Download file: Elogio_L_Bangs.mp4
"Lester Bangs eulogy" from "Matita Emostatica"
Download file: Chris_Speaks_Out.mp4
Chris Hedges speaks in NYC (4/15/11)

Download file: Marinetti_caffeina.mp4
Marinetti caffeina (1933)

Download file: Reform_brother.mp4
Jesse speaks (from Jesse's Cafè Americain, 4/9/11)

Download file: Hologram_explained.mp4
From "Lost on the fearless plain" by Joe Bageant

Download file: Hologram_explained_-_pt2.mp4
From "The Great American Media Mind Warp" by Joe Bageant

Download file: Lady_from_where_.mp4
The captain's monologue (from "The lady from Shanghai")
Download file: 2011.mp4
Apr. 14th 2011 on Washington's blog
Download file: Apocalypse-the_office_side.mp4
The colonel's monologue (from Apocalypse Now)
Download file: La_Mer.mp4
"La Mer" by Charles Trenet