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No singer has ever exposed himself so deeply as did Iain McGuechey a.k.a John Martyn (1948-2009): the Patron Saint of the Martynites.














You can find this 12-page article published - in Italian - on BUM, March 2015.

Here are some quotes from the Patron:


If I'd find out I'm really wrong at it (...) coordination is gone, so... I am not feeling cool with it, I would leave quietly... I'd make pop records... I would make bad music for money.


[Danny Thompson and I] once played naked in Bolton. We were always having bets with each other. We bet either one of us wouldn't have the nerve to take off an article of clothing between each song. So we just did and needless to say we ended up naked. The audience loved it, there were about 700 people. It was good because Danny could hide behind his double bass and I could hide behind the guitar.... It was alright!


I have actually been commissioned to write some songs for children, by Blackie Publishing. It's very difficult to do if you're a bit hairy arsed and rough round the edges like I am.


I don't want to be able to control my moods. I probably am a little schizophrenic, exacerbated by all the raving over the years. I'm either John Wayne the bully or John the daddy and lover. But I have enough self-control and if I could control myself more, I think the music would be much less interesting. I'd probably be a great deal richer but I'd have had far less fun and I'd be making really dull music.


There's a place between words and music, and my voice lives right there.