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I Gufi - 1965


"Milano da bere" - 1987


Back cover - 2014



Published in Italian by Editrice Zona, "Chemusica..." features over 120 authors and their stories about Milan. Better said, about how Milan used to be, between the '50s and '90s of the XX century.

A book telling about the memories of the "moral capital of Italy" and about its theaters, clubs, bars and gathering spots, most of which have disappeared today. These are places that nurtured innumerable musical sprouts and geniuses, historic concerts, idiots savants and will-be-politicians "made in Milan".

My contribution dealt with John Cage's concert at Teatro Lirico (1977) and "Il Concerto", in memoriam of Demetrio Stratos, at the Arena Civica (1979).

Read more about it, in Italian or see here fragments of the presentation at "Le Scimmie" (June 2014, in Milan).