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Dream-like geometries and casual territories: the soundscapes of Stanley Kubrick.


Stanley the drummer


Looking at death in its eyes


Al Bowlly


And I went 48 takes at Shepperton Studios and I had the cigar and all the dialogue and the military jargon and I began [snapping his fingers] to blow, and blow, and blow. And something said to me: sure I had troubles before, talking about 8 takes, 10 takes, 12 takes uh? But now we're getting up to the twenties, uh (...) And I'm pouring sweat and they're mopping me off... Now a beautiful thing happened, speaking of Stanley Kubrick. I finally got up, I couldn't take it anymore. I walked up to him and I said "Stanley, I apologise to you". And he said this to me, one of the loveliest things a man has ever told me in my life. And he said: Sterling, I know you can't help what's going on and I can't help you, BUT the TERROR in your eyes, on your face, may be just the QUALITY that we want in this jackass general Jack Ripper. He said: If it is not, come back in another couple of months and we'll do it all over again. 
Now that was lovely. I'll never forget that. (...) 
Pheeew! That's inverse acting! Uh?

Sterling Hayden on impersonating Jack D. Ripper in "Dr. Strangelove"

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reasons to exist
John Cage, anaRchy

Sometimes even opinion makers have their eyes wide shut.
Stuart Klawans, New York Times

You have not yet learned that you have to be like everyone else. The perfect mediocrity. No better, no worse. Individuality is a monster and it must be strangled in its cradle.

Maurice/Kola Kwariani

Published in Italian on the Dec. 2015 issue of BlowUp Magazine