Luca D. Majer
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In the movie "All My Friends Are Funeral Singers" (2010) directed by Tim Rutili "Zel is a fortune teller. (...) For as long as she can remember she has shared her home with a group of ghosts [dressed in white]  -- a priest, a bride, a mute child, some washed up vaudevillians and a noisy, sight-impaired group of musicians (...). All goes on at the family homestead as it has for generations, until a mysterious light appears in the woods. The ghosts suddenly realize they are trapped, and forge a rebellion, tormenting Zel with all the aggravation and insanity they can muster. And when Zel uncovers the origins of these spirits, she is forced to choose between her comfortable if strange existence and letting go of the only family she has ever known."



Published in BlowUp magazine, May 2019 issue.