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The best 10 minutes of the electric Miles Davis are in "Pangaea", a double album recorded live. It would have been his last concert before the long '75/'80 hiatus. The tune is Zimbabwe. In the CD, the fragment starts at 23'22".





At 26'35" the wail becomes WAH WAH while a very BOLD Al Foster his half-opened hi-hat tirelessly striken like a hammer. And two very distorted guitars underneath, and what a whining whine from the trumpet! All of which leads to the entrance of SONNY "downward arpeggio" FORTUNE (at 27'33") who finally pulls the plug off this sultry sound creation - which has become by now increasingly dilated and electric. Here's the first soprano sax cadence - at 27'50" - and a minute later we hear vamps from the ghost of Jimi Hendrix as if he were there and I tend to imagine what amazing things they, Jimi and Miles, could have done together had Jimi survived 1970...
Published in Italian on Blow Up magazine, May 2019