Luca D. Majer
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A name drawn from a publication of Los Angeles' MONA, Museum of Neon Art.

A career spanning from 1979 to 1981.

Mostly a trio: Al Aprile, Luca Majer and Maurizio Marsico.

Music for unpopular spirits.

'Lectric Art - Live at Teatro Cristallo, Milan (1981)



Despite its short tenure as a band, 'Lectric Art in winter 1980 opened for Glenn Branca's ensemble, during its Italian tour. Few months later, in 1981, 'Lectric Art held at Milan's Teatro Cristallo a concert and recorded a live tape, including Roberto Masotti (photographer of world fame and tenor saxophone player of undoubtable stamina).


Download file: Sirenate_al_davanzale.mp3
Sirenate al davanzale - 1980
Music: Luca D. Majer & Maurizio Marsico
Luca D. Majer: guitar
Maurizio Marsico: synt & rhythm-box
From the soundtrack of the performance:
Thomas Chatterton (by Giancarlo Pavanello)
Recorded live on a 4-track Revox: Milan, Jan. 1980