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The Singles 7" Collection


Alphaville '82 (photo Roberto Masotti)


A trio with Franco Bolelli, Luca Majer and Paola Vanzetti -  the name was inspired by Jean Luc Godard's homonymous avantgarde sci-fi movie. Sax-player Tonino Curagi was to later join the line-up.

In July 1981 Alphaville was featured, along with Alvin Curran, Michael Nyman, Cristina Kubisch, Luigi Cinque and Franco Fabbri, in the "Zoo musicale" - a series of concerts (held in the gorgeous Cortile della Rocchetta, inside Milan's Sforza Castle) dedicated to different animals. Alphaville's animal of choice was the Wookie, the primate of Star Wars fame.

Then Alphaville recorded a mix of different sound bites which were to be included in an indie music compilation. Called "Matita Emostatica", the compilation would be edited by Al Aprile and published by Materiali Sonori in February 1982.

Alphaville - lastly - recorded an un-published LP for the new-wave Bologna-based label Italian Records. In that session the line-up was stretched to include jazz-drummer extraordinaire Piero Borri, who would later play with Enrico Rava and Kenny Wheeler. Free FunkPunk is a roughly-mixed excerpt from that session.

The Italian Records/Bologna session happened during the summer 1982.  A few months later the band would not dissolve; instead, it would rather literally evaporate.

In 2013 Oderso Rubini, the mind behind Italian Records and the bolognese new-wave of the Eighties, pulls out of his vault the tapes of that recording session. A mere 31-years-later "Mitchum" and the esoteric "Djeddah" are finally published.

You can buy them in "ITALIAN RECORDS - The Singles 7" Collection (1980-1984)" or you can download a different mix of mine (not Oderso's) of "Mitchum (dark mix)"  hereunder.


Download file: Free_Funkpunk.mp3
Free FunkPunk (fragment - sax break) - 1982
Luca D. Majer - music, synt-guitar, bass
Franco Bolelli - art director, ghost-mix
Tonino Curagi - flute, sopranino sax
Piero Borri - drums
Download file: Mitchum_(dark_mix).mp3
Mitchum (dark mix 2013)
Luca D.Majer - music, guitars
Paola Vanzetti - bass
Franco Bolelli - silent pauses/ghost direction
Tonino Curagi - alto sax
Piero Borri - drums