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"The Fontana" in Milan


John Cage's composition named after his Milanese concierge


Fontana assaults the surface of a canvas


A name inspired to John Cage's Fontanamix, painter Lucio Fontana and the fountain (in Italian: "fontana") at via Turati, in Milano.


Fontana were a trio: Al Aprile, Luca Majer, Maurizio Marsico. The band published just one single (Takita/Kamati, 1982) produced by the La Bionda Bros. (the fathers of Italian disco-music) and recorded in Munich.  One song's lyrics (Kamati) were in Maori language, the other song was based on a karnatic rhythm pattern. None of the two songs had a disco feel, nor could be frankly considered commercial.

The La Bionda Bros. did not desist from their talent-scouting activities and the following year launched Vamos A La Playa by Righeira. It became one of the biggest European hits to be produced in Italy in the Eighties.

In "Matita Emostatica" you can find described parts of Fontana's history. Maurizio Marsico recently noted that "Fontana collapsed and each member went solo, like in a famous rock band. But we were not famous - we just had one ghost record. So much of a ghost record, that today nobody remembers it anymore, a 45 RPM record so ghost-like that today it has become a rarity amongst vinyl collectors". 

Had the term already been invented, back then, we would have at least earned ourselves the title of "first Italian Art-Rock band"...


Download file: KAMATI_(demo).mp3
Kamati (home demo) - 1980
Music/Lyrics by Al Aprile, Luca D. Majer e Maurizio Marsico
M. Marsico: lead vocals, synt, rhythm-box
L.D. Majer: guitar
Al Aprile: background vocals
Download file: Kamati_(studio_instr)l.mp3
Kamati (studio instrumental) - 1981
Music: Al Aprile, Luca D.Majer, Maurizio Marsico
M. Marsico: piano, synt, rhythm-box
L.D. Majer: guitar
Al Aprile: guitar
Recorded in Milan