Luca D. Majer
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Since the 80's, I always considered the musical side of words in my music and admired the way words add sound and semantic texture to a piéce.

In these recent sonic fragments - select them on the left bar, or hereunder - voices (either treated or in plain regalia) are virtually the only source of the sounds you hear.


Download file: Really_GM.mp3
Really Generously Monetary (Ristoration/Restoration of Inflation mix) - 2011
L.Majer - music, voice samples
Download file: Horace.mp3
Horace - 2010
Luca D. Majer: music and sound treatments
Download file: The_consent.mp3
The consent  - 2011
Luca D. Majer: music and sound treatments
Dhanya K.: voice
Download file: A_Just_Peace_(excerpt).mp3
A Just Peace (excerpt) - 2013
Luca D.Majer - musica, loops