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An essay on The Clash, not exactly an extremely favourable one. 


Tonara, Sardegna


Joe Strummer & "Brigade Rosse" T-Shirt



Originally published in January 1981 by the avantgarde music-magazine Musica 80 (the original article is available in Italian here) the essay dared to criticize The Clash although - at that moment - the band enjoyed huge popular success.

It was around this time when Joe Strummer (the unforgotten leader, whose performance as a heart-broken drunkard in Jim Jarmusch's Mystery Train will be long remembered) sported T-Shirts depicting the Red Brigades symbol.

The "Brigade Rosse" T-shirt brag was a gesture implying a slight disregard both to Italian culture (when you think BR you immediately have to associate them with a conspicuous amount of suffering and with Stay Behind), and to Italian spelling as well (Brigade is French; different from the Italian Brigate), stirred with a penchant for light-hearted provocation and a twist of anti-Italian British mannerism.

Indeed Joe's band was still under contract with (and paid by) Columbia Records, but for some reason nobody seemed to care.