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Interview with Jon Hassell, recorded in Jon's apartment on Park Avenue South, New York City. It had to be a hot August 1980 and the flat contained barely any furniture but I remember the Persian carpets, a hot tea and one worn out vynil copy of On The Corner by Miles Davis. 

Check out the original interview in Italian here: during this long conversation Jon theorizes the "Fourth World Music", what would be later made into the "World music" of Petergabriellian fame.




Thirty years after Jon still blows his horn with indomitable freshness. His Blue Period tune (from the album "Last night the moon came dropping its clothes in the street") ranks probably in my Top-5 tunes of the last decade, whenever you want to make it start. Here you can hear this tune (loopingly hinting vaguely at Sinatra's Strangers in the Night), recorded live at the UCLA, in 2009.