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John Cage (Empty Words)


photos by Roberto Masotti


End of concert


"9002..." is a composition based on vocal samples drawn from Cramps Records' "John Cage Lirico concert" held in Milan on Dec. 2nd 1977.

The concert was troubled by a number of fanatics: they had paid twice as much as a normal concert  and (unable to appreciate the "Empty Words" John Cage was mumbling on the stage) started screaming their own little concert.

As much as the "Lirico concert" marked an important moment of John Cage's musical career, it was also the burial of the Italian left-oriented, politically-conscious students known as  "il Movimento" (or: the Movement). The facts that soon followed (including mr. Moro's assassination, surrounded by obscure circumstances) annihilated "il Movimento", substituting its intellectual flair with light-weight culture, cheap entertainment and skin-deep fun. Italy was getting ready for the XXI Century.

I composed "9002..." in October 2009 while completing the first draft of "Styptic Pencil", a book on music which includes one chapter describing my impressions of that (unconsciously fateful) concert.

Download file: 9002.mp3
9002 ni GNIYD tsomla - 2009
Luca D. Majer: music, digital mixing and treatments
Sound samples from: "Empty Words III: John Cage at Lirico", Cramps Records.