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"Greed dots" is a short, 2010 composition based on three syllables out of Harry Lime's (Orson's, that is) "Prater Wheel monologue", in the Third Man. It is dedicated with kind affection to all the people who consider money their ultimate rhythm in life. It includes a subliminal personalised message, reproduced here for their convenience: "If you feel like hurting people, do so in a movie and with Orson's style."

"iDot U" is a longer composition, composed in 2014, based on the same sonic fragment.

Download file: Greed_Dots.mp3
Greed Dots
Luca D. Majer: music, sound treatments, digital mix
Download file: iDot_U.mp3
iDot U
Luca D. Majer: music, sound treatments,  digital mix