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Soundtrack of the "Un Milione di Domani" installation, which featured performances by Magda Guerriero and architectures by Atelier Alchimia, Magazzini Criminali and Alessandro Mendini (1983).

Each room had been designed with different themes in mind, and the music commissioned to different artists, including Magazzini Criminali, Maurizio Marsico and Matia Bazar.

My musical composition was used as soundtrack for Alessandro Mendini's room.


"Architettura Sussurrante" - LP cover (1983)


Back cover



Parts of this soundtrack had been edited for and published in the LP: "Architettura Sussurrante" by Alessandro Mendini (1983) as "Un milione di domani".

"Raj's Sneeze/Terry Goes West" is a remix of the first two sections of the original composition, digitalised in 2009.


Download file: Raj_s_Sneeze_Terry_g_145BE4.mp3
Raj's Sneeze/Terry Goes West - 1982
Luca D. Majer: music, keyboards, guitars, tapes, rhythm-box and digital bass