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Unpracticable dreams: stretching dates, hours, living rubbery meeting that would last for decades
Life-long deadlines that you always - hence: never - have to meet: any timeplan is flexibilised
Every single moment contains in itself any other possible moment

(fragment of "La Corsa")





"Atti da spiaggia" (Beach acts) was performed in Milan, on May 1984. The performance was part of the "Sussurri o grida" festival featuring several of the top avantgarde-theater companies, such as Magazzini Criminali, Gaia Scienza or Toni Servillo.

The "canovaccio" or spinal cord of the performance was Aureliano, landing on the most Northern island of the Canary Islands, Graciosa, on Sept. 18th 1980, the tenth anniversary of the death of Jimi Hendrix.

The background is the clash of cultures: the "conquistador" culture of mainland Spain from where he comes; the guancha tradition of the fishermen - amongst the few survivors of the local ethnic group; the mentality of an executive of the advertising agency Creativos & Asociados, which Aureliano hates yet fully impersonates.

After having rubbed his body (hence the main title, in French - "Rubbed action"), he finally decides to run.

He runs around the island in a perfect circle, then back to Graciosa's main village, La Sociedad ("The society"), where he's renting a small house from a fisherman, he finally falls asleep and dreams.  


Download file: Il_SOGNO.mp3
Il sogno (I hear voices) - 1984
Luca D. Majer: music, all instruments, tapes
From "Action Frottée (Atti da spiaggia)" (1984)
Download file: Muovermi.mp3
Muovermi (dovrei già muovermi) - 1984
Lyrics and music: Luca D. Majer
Ferruccio Amendola: voice
Luca D. Majer: loops, electric crickets
Out-take from "Action Frottée"